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her name is lola….

I never get to name my dogs…Lola was named by a great person that picked her up from the streets. (thank you nellie!) perfect name for her, she is definitely a cute little lola :)

I adopted Lola from a wonderful organization Tip of Tex k-9 rescue Dee Labunski is doing a fantastic job helping animals in very difficult situations. I have to admit that it was not planned…it just happened…when we saw her picture in Petfinder we just knew. Please checkout her website to learn more about the work she is doing. Her organization is a non-profit, and in need of foster homes, volunteers, donations and of course homes for the 50+ dogs that she has under her care.

My wonderful vet Dr. Bruce

and vet technician John Cortez visited yesterday to check lola….she is Heartworm Positive and we are not sure but she may be pregnant…we will know in a couple of weeks. Heartworm is a horrible deadly disease and very easy to prevent, just one pill a month and done ! If your dogs are not in HW prevention call your vet asap and ask her/him about it. It is transmited by mosquitoes and right now there are lots of them.

It looks like Lola’s HW is not very advanced so she has a very good chance. However she will have to go through a very intensive treatment and there is always a possibility that she will not make it…please send good vibes our way…

for those of you wondering how Booh is doing here are a few pics :)

this is so booh…she is easily entertained by all kinds of critters in the backyard :) she is doing good, however she is very shy around new people, so next time you visit or see me walking her make sure to say hi :) it takes some time but she will warm up to you :) insider tip: treats help a lot ! lol!

and you must be wondering how Booh and Lola get along….its been 2 days but it looks like they will work out their differences :)

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Nicole Polk - aww, how cute anahi! another child for you! you should see cooper, he got shaved this week and looks like a whole different pup! Good luck with Lola! :)July 10, 2008 – 11:36 AM

Anonymous - What beautiful pics of Lola. Thanks for providing her with a great home. She is truly home now.

NellieJuly 10, 2008 – 1:05 PM

anahi - nicole- oh no…now you better take some pics and share them with the world lol ! thank you :)

nellie-awww…lola’s guardian angel, thank you so much for saving her from that busy street :)July 10, 2008 – 5:10 PM

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