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RGV WEDDING VENDORS- a space to get to know them :)

One of the things I love the most about being a photographer is the people I get to meet. Former clients, become friends. Long exciting chats with photographers who share the same passion. A wide variety of artists, musician, painters, filmmakers have enriched my life as well. I also draw inspiration from every wedding, specially when a wedding has a fantastic team that gives their 100% and much more to make your day an unforgettable one. Through the years I’ve worked with many amazing wedding vendors which I have come to love and trust. There is an amazing connection when we love what we do and when we are as passionate about it.

The idea for this project started a few months back when my friend Valerie from Bridal Trends contacted me to shoot a portrait session with her husband, Justin. Needless to say I was so excited by the request ! and there is where all started !. We will be featuring the best wedding vendors in the Rio Grand Valley, I want you to get to know the amazing wedding vendors the RGV has to offer… on a more personal level. They will also give you advice on their area of expertise, and coming very soon we will have a united blog with a concierge to help you with your wedding needs. can’t wait !

and here they are Valerie and her hubby Justin:


how did you start your journey as a wedding planner ?

My journey as a wedding planner started while I was in the process of planning my own wedding. I’ve always been a complete romantic, and right after I got married I put my pen to paper and started working on a business plan. I knew immediately that this was something I wanted to be a part of and do for the rest of my life. And I also recognized that this was something that was lacking here the in the Valley. I love meeting new people and being able to take part in their romantic journey of wedded bliss is something that I take to heart. I can’t imagine doing anything else! It’s the most rewarding career ever and I’m very passionate about it!

a favorite wedding planner memory ?

I have way too many favorite memories from each wedding to even know where to start! But I will tell you the most significant memory I have, because it pops into my head right before each wedding. My first Wedding ever was in June of 2006 and during the ceremony rehearsal, the mother of the bride, Mrs. Vasquez, quietly stepped to my side and looked me in the eyes. Immediately my own mother came into my mind as Mrs. Vasquez touched my arm in a motherly way and asked me if I was ready for the wedding and wanted to make sure that everything would run as perfect as possible for her ONLY daughter. They knew it was my first wedding, but they put their complete trust in me anyway, and it wasn’t until that very moment that I realized how important my job was. I felt my knees go weak and then knots turned in my stomach. I had the weight of an entire wedding on my shoulders and whether or not my bride had an amazing or terrible wedding was completely up to me. WOW!! I was scared to death and I had nightmares all night that night. But I’ll tell you what… first wedding, Liza’s wedding, was AMAZING!! I will always remember this moment between Liza’s mom and myself because it is a constant reminder of how important each of my bride’s are and a reminder of why I chose this career path.

your top advice for engaged couples:

Hmmm…. my top advice for engaged couples? I’d have to say, “don’t expect perfection”. Wedding planning is a very stressful and time consuming process, and to also add the stress of wedding perfection to the list will only help you to break out in hives! The idea is to take everything one step at a time, expect the best, but anticipate the worst. So long as you’re organized and prepared and you keep a positive outlook, you’ll not only enjoy the planning process more, but you’ll also be setting yourself up for a very successful wedding!!
3 things you LOVE:
Three things that I absolutely LOVE would first and foremost have to be my adorable hubby and awesome family! They really are the best people in the world and I don’t know where I’d be without them! Second would have to be ANYTHING chocolate! I’m a true chocoholic. Whether it’s homemade chocolate chip cookies, chocolate ice cream or chocolate iced doughnuts, if it has chocolate in it, I’ll probably love it! Last but definitely not least are my kitty cats! I have 4 cats and they are literally my only children. I love them with all of my heart and they are the most spoiled little rascals ever!
3 things that bug you:

Three things that truly bug me are when really slow drivers hold up the faster drivers! Hahaha! I’m usually a woman on a mission when I’m on the road and that REALLY bugs me! Cleaning also bugs me….but hey we all have to do it right?? The last thing that bugs me is probably the biggest of all. I’m really critical of myself and how I do on weddings. Even if it was the most successful wedding ever, there are always things that I knit pick at. Things that I feel could have been better perfected. I guess being a perfectionist bugs me, but then again, if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t have anything to strive for in each of my weddings, now would I?


a few of the weddings where we have worked together:


Valerie’s sites:

Bridal Trends
Bridal Trends-The Blog!

Thank you Valerie+Justin, its been amazing getting to know you !

lotsa love,
anahi :)

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Roland Anzaldua - Valerie and Anahi….two great people to work with. I find great joy that I brought the two best wedding professionals of the Rio Grande Valley together back in May 2007! Andrea and I don’t know what we would have done without Valerie’s hard work and dedication! She really gave us the wedding we always wanted! We were really blessed to have a great person organize everything for us! Anahi, you really captured the essence and beauty of a couple in love. We thank you for allowing us to share our moments through your beautiful photographs! The Valley is very fortunate to have such talent as Valerie and Anahi!

Roland+Andrea Anzaldua (oh and we can’t forget Noah and Lex)May 26, 2009 – 2:26 PM

Lucy Martinez - Buddy and I got married almost a year ago……4th of July and I don’t think we could have done it without the help of Valerie. I always told Buddy that on our wedding day I didn’t want him, our family, or myself (specially) stressing or worrying about details and we DIDN’T. Everything seemed perfect and it was truly a fairytale wedding and every moment was captured by Anahi’s beautiful work. We were truly blessed to have an amazing team.May 26, 2009 – 5:07 PM

Valerie Vance Alaniz - Thank you sooooo much Anahi! The blog looks great!!! I am so blessed to know you! You are the best! Your work is absolutely amazing and you know I’m your #1 fan!! Thank you for choosing me to start your vendor page and thank you for being the wonderful person that you are! XOXOXOX

Andrea & Roland – Had it not been for you two, I may never have met Anahi. I remember the awful situation you all were in at the time, and I’m so glad that everything turned out the way it did. You two are one of the sweetest couples ever and I am SO thankful that you chose me as your wedding planner! I’m crying right now! Your words have really touched my heart. It is great people like you and Andrea that make what I do, worth every minute!!!! Thank you. XOXOXOX

Lucy & Buddy – I can still remember the strong emotions and tears that were shed by both you and buddy during your wedding ceremony. It was such a beautiful experience to be apart of it and to get to know you and buddy, and SO cool to be able to see your dynamic love first hand!! Thank you so much for entrusting your wedding day to me! XOXOXOMay 26, 2009 – 8:22 PM

Bobby and Felicia Garcia - Valerie and Anahi – We want to thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for making our wedding the best ever! It was such a special time for both of us and we enjoyed every minute of it knowing that everything was running smoothly and under control and that all of our happy moments were being captured by the best photographer ever (and we can’t forget her awesome husband Edgar too). We don’t know what we would have done without Valerie, I never worried for a second that day and till this day I still get compliments on how everything was so beautiful. My mom still says “Thank God for Valerie!” And believe me so do we. We will continue to look back at our wedding with happiness and fulfillment and we owe so much of that to you. Thank you so much. We love you Valerie! We love you Anahi! We will also continue to recommend the both of you to everyone we meet, you are truly the best!May 27, 2009 – 11:26 AM

Valerie Vance Alaniz - Bobby & Felicia – I cannot begin to tell you how AWESOME you both are and how fabulous your wedding day was!! Everything about the two of you says COOL!! We worked so hard on your wedding day and I was beyond thrilled that everything went off without a hitch!! I am so thankful to have met you both and each of your wonderful families. You both are loved so much by so many people and it’s easy to see why! Thank you, thank you, thank you for choosing me and trusting me with your wedding day!! You all have touched my heart & life and I’m so thankful!! I wish you both all of the love in the world!!June 9, 2009 – 11:12 PM

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