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VERO+DANY-rgv portrait photographer

After taking a little break from blogging, I’m so happy to share with you this very special session. Dany is a very talented photographer, and even though I have been in touch with Vero through facebook I finally got to meet her and I’m so happy I did !. They are the nicest most loving couple ever! Vero+Dany we feel so lucky to have you as friends ! Looking forward to meeting little Isaac soon ! :)

I love these series, Dany was telling me how beautiful Vero looks when she raise her arms and tilts her head back :)

These 2 are also one of my favorites from the session, love how much passion and love can be felt here:

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facebook comments:

Veronica Hernandez - OMG!!! The wait was SO WORTH it!!!
Thanks a Million for these beautiful pictures! We had a great time and now are very grateful, I am already thinking which ones we will enlarge! Love and admiration, VeroMarch 1, 2010 – 7:23 PM

Daniel Aguilar - My dear friend, you just rocked my world from head to toes, these are amazing and beautiful! Thank you SO SO SO much!!!March 1, 2010 – 8:31 PM

Gloria Mesa - LOVE THEM!!!!! Vero and Dany are a very special couple to me =)

Wonderful session!!March 1, 2010 – 8:45 PM

Alex Aguirre - Beautiful photos, congrats to you 3…I mean 4 with Isaac!!March 1, 2010 – 8:45 PM

angela garmendia - breathtaking as always!!!March 1, 2010 – 10:37 PM

admin - daniel+vero- los queremos mucho :) gracias por sus lindas palabras :)
alex- thank you alex! :)
angela-angela ! thank you so much !March 2, 2010 – 11:27 AM

fer juaristi - so cool to see pics from your friend being shot by other friend.
Awesome pics!March 2, 2010 – 11:49 AM

admin - thank you fer ! we still have our shoots pending :)March 2, 2010 – 11:58 AM - Beautifull pics, congrats Dany and Vero… great work Anahi!March 2, 2010 – 12:27 PM

Jossy - OMG!! didn’t know about this!… but this is amazing!… there is nothing like going back and remember with this pics! love them! great job here!March 2, 2010 – 10:01 PM

Jorge Tinajero - Heeeeeeey el dany!!! ahora le toco estar del otro lado de la camara, que b uenas fotos! pero ya hasta nacio que no? o esta es otro? ja,ja,ja, el dany no pierde el tiempo…saludos! JTMarch 2, 2010 – 10:58 PM

Beto Del Toro - Hola Anahi, que padres fotos, una felicitacion a Danny y su esposa, saludos….March 3, 2010 – 3:44 AM

admin - jorge!-lol! es el mismo :)March 3, 2010 – 12:00 PM

edna de leon - Anahi, they pics are beautiful!!!!!March 3, 2010 – 6:00 PM

edna de leon - Anahi, the pics are beautiful!!!!!March 3, 2010 – 6:01 PM

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